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The key to any successful, sustainable diet is nutritional knowledge. How many calories should you be eating based on your current weight, activity levels and weight goals? Where should these calories be coming from, and when? And how can you incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine? Get the answers to these questions and more with a Midas Membership.

What do you get with a Midas Membership?

No more fad diets that only provide temporary results. Understand the basic science behind nutrition and get control over your calories in a realistic and sustainable way that fits with your lifestyle and your weight goals. Your monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to our nutrition-focused resources on any device at any time.

Calorie calculator

Our calorie calculator helps you understand your ideal daily calorie intake based on whether you want to lose, gain or sustain weight.

Meal planning tips

Do you want to reduce fat, build muscle or get a healthier balance of nutrients? We help you create meal plans to suit your goals.

Easy cook recipes

Video tutorials showing you how to prepare quick and easy meals with healthy ingredients to give your body the nutrients it needs.

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